The Future and the Built Environment

The 21st century with its fast socio-economic changes, political unrests, advancement in renewable energy, developments in technology has increasingly created new challenges to the future of the quality of life and the built environment. Such unprecedented changes necessitate new visions, concepts, principles, strategies and even new paradigms.
The Second International Conference on Islamic Architectural Heritage 2019 (ISLAH 2019) entitled “The Future and the Built Environment” will discuss these challenges with the focus on preservation and management of the built heritage, sustainable urban development, urban conservation and regeneration, post-crises reconstructions, applications of new technologies, the concept of place and identity and socio economic influences on the built environment.
This international event will gather experts of different disciplines that have relation to the morphology and quality of the built environment. The Conference will be organized by the Faculty of Architecture & Design, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakif University, Istanbul; with the collaboration of KAED, IIUM; Department of National Heritage Malaysia.